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Lebron James Demolishes $37M Beverly Hills Mansion To Rebuild 'Dream Home'

LeBron James is part of another teardown.

No, not of an NBA roster, but rather of a $37 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California owned by James and his family.

The 38-year-old superstar has reportedly decided to tear down the picturesque house and rebuild his "dream home" from the ground up, according to Front Office Sports. House Beautiful provided a detailed look into the features of the 13,000-square-foot, Spanish Mission-style mansion James purchased in 2020.

Upon purchase three years ago, James started the legal battle to get building permits to rebuild on the 2.5-acre plot, which had both a pool and pool house, tennis courts, and one of the largest driveway gates in L.A., per multiple reports.

Prior to demolition, the home featured vaulted ceilings, seven fireplaces, four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, seven fireplaces, a screening room, a trophy room and a breakfast courtyard with teal-tiled fountain, per House Beautiful.

There's no telling what James' new home will look like, but its being speculated that the four-time NBA champion is looking to ditch the bronze sculptures, which had surrounded the property, for a sleeker aesthetic. His other homes — a 12,000-square-foot Miami mansion and his primary residence in Brentwood, California — feature this contemporary approach with all-white interiors and no frills.

Regardless of the outcome, this rebuilt home will likely be the place where James retires from the NBA when that day comes. Though James publicly flirted with retirement after the Los Angeles Lakers' Western Conference Finals loss to the eventual champion Denver Nuggets in May, he is widely expected to return to for his 21st season this fall.

In fact, recent rumors surrounding the Lakers after their playoff elimination suggest they're keeping a similar roster after retooling around James and fellow star Anthony Davis at the midseason trade deadline.