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“I don’t pity the girl …” — Very Dark man on the ritualist that k!lled his girlfriend for ritual(VIDEO)

Controversial activist, VeryDarkMan has come out to express his lack of sympathy for the young Uniport student who was killed by her boyfriend.

Only recently, a young man was apprehended after trying to dispose his girlfriend’s body parts who he dismembered in an alleged attempt for money rituals.

VeryDarkMan has come to absolve the boyfriend of blames as he believes his action is a result of societal pressure.

He says that most people do not respect the dignity of hard work, wanting a get-rich-quick scheme, which was why he was dragged by Carter Efe and others for not being financially buoyant.

He blames the student for being an unfortunate victim because most girls nowadays do not want to hustle, only looking for a rich boyfriend to take care of them.

Watch video here..

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