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“I have been in constant fear for my life…” – Chef Dammy calls out “people of God”

"Assuming I had died few days ago, people would have understood what I

Damilola Adeparusi, aka Chef Dammy, has called out people of God who have subjected her to curses, threats, and bullying. 

The Ekiti chef, who went viral for staging a cook-a-thon event after Hilda Baci’s Guiness World Record feat, called attention to her plight on Instagram. 

She said she has been living in constant fear for her life since her cook-a-thon endeavour.  She pointed out that it has been 4 months since then and asked her attackers if they will not stop coming for her until she stops breathing. 

She wrote: “‘By the time we are done with you,you will not be able to stand on your feet again’. 

“This was from the acclaimed ‘people of God’. Among many of the countless insults, curses, threats and bullying. 

“Now, I understand the content of 1 Peter 4:17, Surely judgment will begin from the house of God. 

“The first time the man of God tried to challenge my God he failed, then he told me to prepare for war. 

“But these are the people of God. Are they not supposed to be Godly? 

“Assuming I had died few days ago; people would’ve understood better what I’ve been facing, by the testimony of those around me. 

“But I’ll still try and bind my piece because it is a testimony that others can learn from. 

“I know about gods that is why I chose the undefeatable God. Surely they shall gather,
but they that be with me are more than they that be with them. 

“I’ve been in constant fear for my life. Countless times they’ve tried to destroy me as promised, but with God I keep moving as if nothing ever happened. 

“Shouldn’t we have gotten over this?
I mean it’s 4 months already,
guess you will not stop until I stop breathing? 

“I’ll try to update this piece, while I try to hold unto my peace.”

"Assuming I had died few days ago, people would have understood what I

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