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Man exposes a popular Nigerian Bank for reportedly giving him fake Euro notes

A man has gone online to call out a popular Nigerian bank for reportedly giving him euros which a foreign exchange company later seized as fake.

The disconsolate man known on Twitter as @Dblinkz gave an account of what transpired as he noted that he had no other option than to call out the bank because of their attitude towards the issue.

According to him, on the 24th of January, 2023, he deposited the sum of N5K euros to his domiciliary account with the popular bank at their branch in Ali Alikilu Road Kaduna.

On the 30th of May, he had gone to withdraw the same amount that he had deposited. He stated that he had gone to the branch, but they couldn’t give him the full amount as they didn’t have it complete. @Dblinkz explained that he didn’t want to make double withdrawals as that would attract double charges.

Man bank fake euros
Twitter user, @DBlinkz

Hence, he decided to go to their main branch to withdraw the cash upon which he was given 5K euros in 500 denominations.

@Dblinkz explained that the reason why he had withdrawn the cash was for him to give his friend who was going back to UK to change it to pounds when he got there so he would be able to make part payment of his school fees, only for his friend to get to a foreign exchange company and the euro was seized.

The man stressed that the serial numbers had been confirmed to be the same as what the bank had in their possession.

He also shared images of the cash in possession of the foreign exchange company before the seizure.

His full account below …

“Ooh Nigeria has happened to me I’m writing this with so much despair, on the 24 January, 2023 I deposited the sum of 5000 euros to my domiciliary account at
at…No 9 Ali Alikilu Road Kaduna branch Nigeria. I went to the bank on the 30th of May, 2023… to make a withdrawal of 5000 euros , I went to the branch I initially deposited the money and they told me they didn’t have the complete 5000 that I should collect 3000 from them and go to their main branch to collect the rest but I refused because they were going to charge me..separately for the different withdrawal I.E service charges.

I then went to the main branch to withdraw the 5000 euros..which I was given 500 euros denomination, the purpose of withdrawing the money was to give to my friend who was going back to the United help me change it to pounds as I was making part payment for my school fees, only for him to go @eurochangeFX and the money was seized as it was discovered to be counterfeit.

I have been patiently waiting for @Sterling_Bankng @suleimana to rectify this and return my hard..earned money but they are dragging their feet . POV the serial numbers had been confirmed to be same with what the bank has in their possession , @eurochangeFX has sent a confirmation letter with their letterhead to proof that the money was fake!!!


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