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Mercy Eke and Pere Party Together, Share Fun Moments Despite Recent Instagram Unfollow(video)

Mercy Eke twerks Pere lap party together unfollowing Instagram

Reality TV stars Pere Egbi and Mercy Eke were recently spotted together less than 15 hours ago at an undisclosed location, having a great time just days after unfollowing each other on Instagram.

In the said video, Mercy was seen dancing and sitting comfortably on Pere’s lap.

This happened despite rumors that their relationship had hit a rough patch, as they had both unfollowed each other on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

Earlier, it was reported that Pere Egbi and Mercy Eke, former Big Brother Naija All-Stars housemates, confirmed that they were dating.

However, they surprised everyone when they unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Before the unfollowing, Pere had emphasized that he and Mercy Eke are in a committed relationship, not just casually involved.

Mercy also expressed her admiration for Pere and mentioned that she was surprised they hadn’t connected sooner during their time on the show.

Despite the confusion among their followers due to their Instagram actions, the former housemates were seen enjoying themselves in a new video, showing that they were in good spirits and happy.