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Mohbad’s Close Friend, Micee Reveals More About Wunmi, Advises Caution in Choosing a Wife

Mohbad’s Close Friend, Micee Reveals More About Wunmi, Advises Caution in Choosing a Wife

"Before choosing a wife, take time very well”– Mohbad's close friend Micee, spills more about Wunmi

A close friend of the late Mohbad, Micee, has disclosed how Wunmi, Mohbad’s wife, separated them when she realised he was looking out for him.

He disclosed that following Mohbad’s return from the NDLEA, he took him to several hospitals because he realised there was a change in him.

Micee shared some of the results they gathered at the hospital when they were still together as friends while helping Mohbad seek assistance for his health.

Micee said he was ready to spill everything if, by chance, the wife confronted him over anything.

In a write-up shared by Temilola Sobola, an Instagram blogger, she wrote, “FROM SINGER MICEE: Before you marry any girl, please take your time very well. Mohbad was a happy man before they used jazz to hold him away from everyone. I was his supporter and helper, always driving him around before they separated us.

“After the NDLEA released him and he became sick, I fought for his life by taking him to different hospitals for treatment. I advised him not to leave the label, and he should just manage and complete the three months left.”

“When he wanted to commit suicide sometimes ago, I broke into the room and rescued him. I gave him a lot of show deals but I had to let him be because his wife was always causing fights between us. Mohbad once caught her with a fetish ring. I am ready to spill everything if she confronts me.”

“She had his life in her hands and directed it wherever she wanted. Ask her why she hacked his WhatsApp. Mohbad’s father really suffered to make him who he was. He is far better than his mother. I am in so much pain that death took my dear friend away. My mental health is messed up.”.

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