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“You don’t apologise and then still try to bring that person down” Tacha condemns Davido for “putting Phyna up for more drags” after saying he made an “honest mistake” (video)

?You don?t apologise and then still try to bring that person down? Tacha condemns Davido for ?putting Phyna up for more drags? after saying he made an ?honest mistake? (video)

Tacha has reacted after Davido liked tweets trolling her because she expressed support for Phyna.

Recall that Davido and Phyna got into a back-and-forth after the singer retweeted a post shading the reality star.

Though Davido apologised and said he made an “honest mistake”, he went on to say he does not know Phyna.

This caused Tacha to come to Phyna’s defence.

Apparently, this didn’t go down well with Davido and he went on to like and comment on a tweet trolling Tacha for getting a tattoo of him on her body

Reacting in a video, Tacha said she has always had nothing but love for Davido and stood up for him when people were shading him online.

She then faulted Davido for putting Phyna up for drags.

She told him that he claimed he made “an honest mistake” by retweeting the initial post mocking Phyna only for him to set Phyna up for drags by saying he doesn’t know her.

Tacha suggested Davido should have just apologised to Phyna without belittling her and making the public mock her.

“You saying it’s an honest mistake and then tagging it with ‘I don’t know you’. How does that sound to you?” Tacha asked Davido.

She then reminded Davido that when AY mocked him, he apologised for his “honest mistake” and didn’t go further to set Davido up to be dragged. Tacha said that is how an apology should be.

She then called out Davido for being passive-aggressive by liking shady tweets about her because she showed support for Phyna. 

Tacha pointed out that she has no regrets and is not ashamed of anything she has done in her past that people are mocking her with, including the tattoo of Davido she got. 

She urged Davido not to be selective in who he chooses to be kind to, while being mean to others. She also reminded him that he is not “God.”

She said: “Let’s not be hypocrites. Let’s not spread love selectively. Let’s not share kindness selectively.”

Watch the video below.

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