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“Jump in front of a truck and break your head” – Emeka Ike in a voice note to his son (audio)

A voice recording of Emeka Ike urging his first son, Michael Ike, to kill himself has emerged. 

In the recording, Emeka is heard raising his voice at his son and also promising his son that he will deal with his mother, Emeka’s first wife Suzanne Emma. 

Emeka is heard saying in the audio: “Micheal, go and jump in front of a truck right now. Now now now. Go and jump in front of… jump from where you are and break your head and smash it. 

“You’re my stress. You’re my problem.” He added

He then talked about his kids being used to blackmail him before urging his son again to go and kill himself. 

Emeka said to Michael: “Go and do that now now now. Don’t do it tomorrow.  I want to hear it. You think I’ll let you blackmail me? 

“And I will still get your mother o. Haha. I will still get your mother. 

The audio recording was reportedly in reaction to the statement his son Michael made during an interview with Chude. 

In the interview, Michael mentioned that he once told his mother, “I really hate my father.” 

Listen to the voice note below.

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