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Lady shares wedding photos to taunt man 6 months after he said her relationship ‘will end in tears’

A Nigerian lady, Siddiqa, comes back 6 months later to taunt a man who said that her relationship will end in tears, as she shares her beautiful pre-wedding photos with her fiancé.

In June, the lady had gone online to reveal that her man didn’t want her to drop any of her Eid photos because he would be jealous of the kind of comments she would receive.

“My fiancé said I shouldn’t share any of my Eid pictures here because he’s jealous and he wouldn’t like all the comments and retweets 😂🫶🏻
And so as a good future wife I’ve decided to make him happy and not to post🥺
Mudai akan soyayya saidai a kashemu aradu🫣🤣💔,” she had written.

However, one man had concluded that the whole affair would end in tear, and Siddiqa immediately rejected that for herself.

@Sadiq_Bashir_ wrote..

“Lalas it will end in tears 😭 😀

@prettyanas_ replied: “Back to sender”

Six months later, the lady returned to grill the man with her stunning pre wedding photos. She quoted the man’s message with the photos.