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“Mark Angel is one of the richest comedians and is making almost $300,000 a month” — Alibaba says (video)

Veteran comedian, Alibaba, reveals that Mark Angel is one of the highest earning comedian in Nigerian and earns as high as $300,000 every month.

He states that many people doubt the wealth of Mark Angel owing to his simple appearance until they hear how much Facebook and YouTube pay him every month.

Although many people are in doubt, the people who pay for the services Mark Angel and other comedians offer are well aware of the value they provide.

He further explained how he earned his first 1.6 million Naira job was as far back in 1995 for a brand tour and since then many people have unlocked wealth in comedy.

See reactions to the video

@fearthe_beardz said: “Ali Baba invented monetization of Comedy Business in Nigeria so if he’s speaking on the business i would be handing my notes.”

@thePRcaptain wrote: “Na because e no dey flaunt money like th me other naw. Nigerians na who show off dem dey always think say get money pass.”

@DiemWears confessed: “Me sef been no sabi say him get that much money o 😂

@GSmart010 added: “Mark Angel is a silent billionaire, Man took over skit from stand-up comedian and took it to another dimension from facebook to youtube then IG, …a few guys that started this skit like babatope are not as consistent as it used to be”

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