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Moment Regina Daniels’ kids breaks their savings box (video)

Popular actress, Regina Daniels leaves Nigerians baffled as she shares the moment her little kids break their their piggy bank to count up their yearly savings.

The mother of two has been instilling the habit of saving in her children as she revealed that they had kept their money in piggy boxes.

She recorded a video, to share with others, the moment they broke the savings box to reveal the cash they had saved for the year.

Currencies of different denominations were seen after the boxes were broken, including foreign currencies.

Check out some reactions trailing the moment they broke their savings box …

Flourish2084 said: “This is commendable 👏🙌 I will teach my kids how to save from early age. 👏

amerndal remarked: “These are for people who always believe what they see online..😂😂

chic_queen stated: “I believe maybe they get cash gifts from friends and visitors and unlike our parents who used to collect ours from us back then , she encourages them to save … I think it’s a good thing”

miraclesmart222 penned: “Una put money for koko yourself still come remove am on your kids name just to chase clouds? Haaa wahala”

phemmzy_skillz typed: “You see “rich folks” teaching their children saving culture, but “I dey manage” will see small change and become wayward. Later, we will envy them, that the rich are getting richer. Okay 👌, dey play”

Watch video below …