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“When I met my mum, the first thing I said was I really hate my father” – Emeka Ike’s first son speaks in his mother’s defense (video)

Emeka Ike’s first son, Michael Ike, has taken his mother’s side after his father cast aspersions on her person. 

Emeka Ike accused his first wife Suzanne Emma of a number of things. He said she lied that he assaulted her and that she also sold off all his properties. 

He added that he lost his school and kids because of her and he was depressed. 

But, countering Emeka, Suzanne insisted that Emeka was violent and almost left her paralysed after a violent attack. 

Emeka Ike’s son, Michael Ike, also spoke to Chude. He said his dad’s attitude was so extreme that he began to hate him. 

He said: “When I met my mum, the first thing I said was Ireally hate my father.” 

Suzanne agreed and added that she had to start working on her son to correct that impression.

Watch the video below…