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“How God saved me from 6 armed herdsmen after kidnapping me” – Nigerian lady shares shocking story of survival

A Nigerian lady @prideofapeacock, has shared a shocking story of survival after being kidnapped by armed herdsmen during a journey from Abuja to Makurdi, Benue state.

The victim, whose real name remains undisclosed, took to Twitter (now X) to narrate the traumatic experience, expressing gratitude for her survival.

According to the lady’s detailed account, the ordeal began when the armed men, disguised as security personnel at a checkpoint, forcibly stopped the vehicle.

As the passengers were ordered out, a sense of dread filled the air. The armed kidnappers, numbering six, took them into the bush, where they were subjected to hours of walking, questioning, and threats.

During the terrifying experience, the kidnappers inquired about ransom, specifically targeting the lady.

Despite the potential danger, an unexpected turn of events occurred when one of the armed men attempted to turn off her phone but was unable to do so. Miraculously, the phone was returned to her.

As the group was led further into the bush, personal belongings were confiscated, and physical violence was inflicted.

The lady, at one point, faced the grim possibility of losing her life but managed to escape the worst-case scenario when, unexpectedly, the kidnappers released them without demanding any ransom.

The victims, including the lady, navigated their way back to the expressway, singing tribal songs to avoid being mistaken for enemies by security operatives.

Upon reaching the road, the police were waiting, having taken their vehicle to the station.

Despite getting hurt and losing belongings during the frightening experience, the lady expressed overwhelming gratitude for the intervention that spared her from the perilous fate that often befalls victims in Nigeria.

The lady shared her testimony in response to a tweet by Solomon Buchi, discussing the goodness of God and how his belief in miracles has been strengthened.

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