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“You should cheat back but don’t dump him” — Laide Bakare tells women the solution for cheating partners (video)

Actress Laide Bakare has endorsed women cheating back when their men cheat on them.

The actress said this during an interview on Oyinmomo TV.

“All men cheat,” she told the host emphatically.

‘Does a man who doesn’t cheat exist?” the actress asked the host.

When asked if it is OK for women to cheat back, she replied in the affirmative but said they should do so with maturity.

Laide said to women who are dealing with cheating partners, “I will say, don’t pack out, but you can cheat. You don’t have to pack out but you can also cheat. But you have to do it with all level of maturity.”

The host then asked, “So if Bobo cheats on you now, you will cheat on him back?”

And Laide responded: “I will. Of course, I will.”

Watch the video below.