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Lady shares beautiful result after wearing braces for five years (photos)

A UK-based Nigerian lady shares an emotional story of her journey of wearing braces for years to correct her dentition while highlighting her challenges.

A Tiktok user identified as @Keemii took to the platform to share a carousel of her journey from the moment she made up her mind to get one to when she removed it.

According to Kemi, the first day of wearing the braces felt like the toughest due to the pain in her teeth, gum and swollen cheeks.

Eating and drinking became an extra challenge along the line but the result was encouraging, which helped her continue the journey of wearing the braces all through the five years.

Lady shares beautiful result after wearing braces for five years

Sharing the result, the lady emphasized how it was a huge accomplishment in her books and her confidence in smiling effortlessly tripled.

My journey of wearing braces for five years

“A dentist for Guy’s hospital. told me I didn’t need braces and I shouldn’t bother trying to get it because my teeth were fine. Didn’t give up and finally got it from Chapel Road Orthodontist in April 2018. Literally a teeth saver.

First day with braces, it hurt so bad and my face was swollen. It wasn’t easy easy to maintain. Broken brace, swollen cheeks and gum. A lot of money spent on visiting the hygienist and orthodonist when I was in uni.

I hated eating in public or having any coloured drink. Had to wear elasstics. The orthodontist knew I was lying when I told them I wore them everyday. Legit went to an appointment without them on.

January 2023, I made the decision to take it off. I was haooy with my teeth and tired of wearing braces. Was told to wear my retainers everyday. I promised and swore to always wear them. Got my teeth whitened in Lagos because it didn’t cost me 500 pounds. It was so painful that I couldn’t complete the first session.

Lady shares beautiful result after wearing braces for five years

I was still happy with the result. Stopped wearing my retainers in May and I’m glad my teeth still looks good”

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