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Things would have been worse if Tinubu did not remove subsidy – Minister of Information

Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Malagi has said that the removal of the subsidy was in the best interest of the country. 

Appearing on a Channels Television program on Thursday, February 1, Malagi stated that the substructure of the Nigerian economy is one that cannot hold a meaningful substructure on it. 

He said; 

“You’re premising your argument on the fact this problem just started yesterday. The foundation of our economy had taken a beating a long time ago. The substructure of our national economy has been one that cannot hold a meaningful substructure on it.

“So, it is important that Nigerians recognise that the President and his team would have to go back to reset that and that is why from day one, he said, ‘Look, subsidy issue has to go’. He had to expect that there would be this pain, of course. He anticipated that Nigerians would encounter some difficulties. But it would be worse if that subsidy did not go. It would have been difficult to carry out any meaningful development. We needed to free up resources.”