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“Veekee James is making her husband uncomfortable too early” – Deeone

Nigerian comedian, Deeone slams fashion designer, Veekee James for taking her wedding too far, thereby making her husband uncomfortable.

Recall that on Saturday, the well-known stylist Veekee James and her husband exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony.

Veekee James and her husband went viral following their 200-person choir performance at their white wedding.

Deeone responded by saying that the wedding is evidence that women take marriage and wedding-related matters too personally.

He pointed out that although Veekee James’s husband is undoubtedly a reserved individual, he behaved as he did at the wedding because of his wife.

Additionally, he observed that her husband had started to feel uneasy too soon.

Captioning the video, he wrote: “Veekeey James is making her husband uncomfortable too early”

Check out netizens reactions

holla_jumoke asked: “Her husband called you and told you this???”

quin_evy noted: “Her wedding was her dream wedding, ND he accepted it”

queen_zinny said: “Deeone reduce your voice 😂😂😂😂😂 no lies detected sha😛

morewaylimousine penned: “The husband looked like a guest in that wedding”