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“Your bedroom styles on Valentine’s Day might not get you husbands – Eucharia tells single ladies

Nigerian actress Eucharia Anunobi has cautioned women about getting husbands after their recent who recently Valentine’s Day bedroom styles.

The actress stated that even if they give their partners sex in a certain way, it might not guarantee marriage.

According to Eucharia, a lot of single ladies have been restless since February because of the bedroom styles they were rehearing to give to their partners on Valentine’s Day.

Sharing her take, she wrote:

“I know that no matter what I say or what other men and women of God will say, even though we have been saying this for a long time. You are hell-bent on embarking on that journey of iniquity, transgression, sin laced with foolishness all because of Valentine,” she said.

“Since we entered the month of February your mind has not been at peace, you have been scheming, plotting, planning s3x styles to perform because it is Valentine. Snake in a monkey shadow, wheelbarrow, d***y, hanging one leg on the kitchen sink, reverse cowgirl.

“You ladies, can you take a moment to think? If s3x is the one weapon that gets men to marry ladies, do you not think that all the prostitutes will have been married by now? No matter how much s3x you give a man or the number of s3x styles you perform on him if he is not going to marry you, he is not going to marry you.

“And for you men, you have gone to mix and match, getting all pumped up for the Olympic marathon, to desecrate the daughters of Zion because it is Valentine. If you want s3x, go and get married. Stop demanding s3x from a lady you are not married to and your single pringles, Valentine is not for you. It is for married people.”

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