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How weight loss drug exposed my health problem — Ronke Oshodi

Nollywood actress of Yoruba genre, Ronke Oshodi, has told of how her attempt to come down in weight brought out a health problem hitherto concealed in her body.

The 49-year-old relayed this in an interview with The Nation when questioned about what inspired her weight loss journey.

“Nothing. I was sick. My weight was 110 and I really wanted to come down. I didn’t know there was something else lurking in my body, and the weight pill I was taking was something I shouldn’t have been doing because I was sick and I didn’t know,” the thespian said.

The mother-of-one also rationalised her decision to allow her daughter remains in the same school she was poisoning saying, “First, I am not a millionaire. The school has also been very nice to my daughter and I. My daughter has become like a bone hung on a dog’s neck; it can’t eat it and it can’t throw it away.”