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Nigerian Couple Buys A House 2 And Half Years Of Moving To UK (Photos)

One month of being a home owner in the uk
2.5 years of moving into the UK and now we have our own house 💃

When we decided that we are both going to start our lives as newlyweds in the UK and travelled four days after our wedding, one question that kept popping up from my family and friends was ‘why’?

Infact, My dad asked me, you have a good job here in Nigeria, you have a successful business too and your husband has a thriving job..why are you leaving all this for the unknown? I tried to put on a bold face and explained that we were doing this because this is what we wanted but a tiny bit of my heart was scared, what if it doesn’t work out? What if all the scary abroad stories are true, what If we fail, what if…? I was sincerely afraid at some point.

Packing your entire life into two suitcases and moving was the scariest thing I had ever done, and each time I bring up these fears to my fiancee [now husband], he would just constantly remind me of God’s promises. He kept emphazing that God is in this journey with us and we will not fail. One important prayer we kept praying before travelling was that “God will go ahead of us and make all crooked places straight ” and God did just that.

God has blessed us beyond imagination since we moved into the uk and he has enlarged our coats. I still wake up every morning in our beautiful 3 bedroom semi- detached house and it all feels like a dream.

…But dreams always come true and God did it! 🙏

My advice to you: Set the bar incredibly high for yourself today. Aim for the mountains, aim for the moon. Maybe you will not reach your original desired outcome. Maybe you will find yourself in a position you never imagined.
But you will never know until you try.

Your dreams are valid. Keep aiming for the stars.

Congratulations to us 🤩😍

More photos below:-